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Pip and the Zombies by Charles Dickens and Louis Skipper.
You may recall reading Great Expectations when you were in high school.
Now you can enjoy reading Pip and the Zombies.
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Me and Slim by Jesse L. Jones.
"Jesse Jones was born in Colorado City, Texas, and grew up on his father's ranch outside town.
He got a good start... and then moved west... to seek his fortune..." (more)
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A sampling of the poems is available online. (more)
Schoolman of the Ozarks by William Erwin Halbrook.
"It's hard to imagine a time when American schools lacked essential basics
like paper, desks and qualified teachers. Well into the 20th century, however,
Arkansas continued to offer its students sporadic education in crowded, inadequate conditions --
something William Halbrook was determined to change." (more)
I Hate Green Beans by Louis Skipper, illustrated by Jim Skipper.
This clever item is both a story book and a coloring book.
It even has room for original art!
Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, edited by Louis Skipper.
This version is abridged and a word found offensive by many has been replaced.
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Nox by Alexandria Knight.
As Hybrids, Eclipse and her family try to live quiet lives when it comes to dealing with humans. But there is a war between the Nox System and the Dei system going on right under their noses, and Eclipse's family is right in the middle of it.
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Invisible in Your Eyes by Alexandria Knight.
Relationships aren't always easy, especially when you're a teenager. Sometimes it seems more like a carnival ride of emotions. Now, it's all finally out on paper, the poems of real relationships.
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